About us

About us
We are writing a Walnut Seedling Story from Bandirma to the World

In these days, with the advances in technology and fast industrialization importance of the nature has increased, we own the responsibility of helping the nature to breathe.
We want to write a ‘walnut story’ in the mutualist action we will take, both in support of nature and in return for the investments we make.

We want to develop the relations of Turkey and Serbia with our disciplined and successful past that has been gathered with the experience of 25 years in Balkans and spread the walnut story that started in Bandirma to the whole world in time.

Our company is expert in the distribution and production of walnut saplings that are grown in Bandirma. Besides other companies, we have the global certificates of all the products we produce, we reset the possibility of encountering wild products.

We take over the responsibility of; the transportation of the walnut trees from Bandirma to anywhere, providing maintenance training until the end of the first year, and purchasing these fruits (walnuts) when the seedlings give fruit.

Let’s make a profit while our nature breathe.

We offer these sapplings